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Our Team

We may have different backgrounds, experiences, and opinions on wine, but all of us are passionate about sharing wine with people.

Jesse Warner-Levine

As a kid in Ohio I was a chapped-lipped violin player who walked on his tippy-toes. In Brooklyn I commute on a Softride bike, sweat when I drink, and live in a 4th floor walk up with my wonderful wife and my young daughter, Leni.

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Robin Pohlman

I moved to New York for film and ended up an Austrian wine & eau de vie specialist - I guess I'm easily distracted and never say no to a schnapps. 4 years in, I live in Brooklyn with my husband Kaj and a pretty sweet collection of ferns and Carson McCulle

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Nicole Krause

Like many students I hadn't yet found my 'purpose' by college. When, by chance, for a business plan competition I was paired with a business woman who went on to start a wine import and distributing company, everything changed.

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Gianina Arturo

Like many people, wine found me indirectly. My story goes from Wall Street to Wine Country and back.

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Rosemary Gray

I grew up in Sun Valley, Idaho - always on the mountain and if not, was nose-in-book, playing the piano or dancing ballet and modern. I was hooked on philosophy...

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Katie Levy

I didn't know I would work in wine when I was unpretentiously drinking txakoli in Basque Country, or when I was sipping on port in the Duoro Valley. I still didn't consider it as a career as I meandered through the rolling hills of Beaujolais, or swirled

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Emily Schwed

My childhood was a jumble of cultures – I was born in New York to an Argentine dad and a Wisconsinite mom, but we soon after moved to Sao Paolo and then to London, where we stayed for eleven years.

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