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A Private Tasting with Andy and Ann

In preparation for a trip to Burgundy, France, Andy and Ann hoped to learn more about the historic wine region.

An In-Home Tasting

Jesse, a Convive sommelier, traveled to the couple’s Upper West Side home for a Burgundy workshop and private tasting. Along with a comprehensive overview of Burgundy’s history, geography, and vineyards, Jesse arranged a tasting of several Pinot noirs and Chardonnays – the major grape varieties of the region. Jesse showed Ann and Andy how to scrutinize bottle labels, discussed the art of distinguishing flavors, and helped the couple to identify their preferences.

How Wine Specialists Can Help

Drinking wine should be a joyful experience, yet the selection process can be intimating. At Convive we seek to eliminate any fussiness or pretension; we believe the entire experience of consuming wine should be simple and fun. As with Andy and Ann, we love to deepen our clients’ experience of wine – providing useful tips and tools for enjoying wine at home, out at a restaurant, or anywhere in the world.

Exclusive Services

Our sommeliers are happy to host you in-store, or we’ll provide in-home experiences similar to Ann and Andy’s, based on your interests, tastes, and experiences. Ours sommeliers are excited to build a relationship with you and to understand your unique palette. We’ll help you curate a personal collection and we’ll make it a breeze to find wines you love.