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Holiday Season at a Large Firm

A large real estate firm needs to send gifts, with personalized thank you notes, to each of its brokers at various locations.

Complex Logistics and Little Time

The firm contacted Convive about organizing their holiday gifting: bottles needed to go out to each of their brokers – both individuals and teams –  in different offices. Additionally, the wines and liquors needed to be wrapped with personalized notes and delivered in a timely manner. Attention to quality and budget was key. 

Large-Scale Gifting Made Easy

Our experienced staff organized packaging, labeling, and delivery, ensuring all moving pieces were accounted for. Convive worked with the firm to stay on budget and to ensure each gift was personalized appropriately, so our client could rest easy.

Working with Convive

We offer attention to detail, diligence, and budget flexibility for all gifting needs. Whether you’re a large firm or a small business, we can help you send 1 or 1,000 bottles to your clients, employees, or partners. We offer corporate branding and excellent wines at budget-friendly prices.